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Henrik Saxgren: Unintended Sculptures

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Henrik Saxgren (*1953 in Randers, Denmark) searches for and finds artistic potential and creative will in the most obscure places. In his series Unintended Sculptures, which he has been working on since 2001, Saxgren finds relational forms, structures, and optical illusions that seem to have been deliberately set in the landscape by artist's hand.

Saxgren is a photographer with strong opinions, and this book is no exception. Though his images of landscape are of exceptional beauty, they also reflect the astute gaze of a civilization critic. Hard to typecast as an artist, with this work Saxgren accomplishes the difficult task of revealing man's misadventures in shaping the natural world as he dares to show us the splendor in its devastation.

Henrik Saxgren: Unintended Sculptures
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Udgivet 2009
Sider 112 pages, 47 illustrations
Forfatter Texts by Bill Kouwenhoven and Timothy Persons
Sprog Engelsk
ISBN 978-3-7757-2501-9